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Stop Overcooling and Reheating Conditioned Air!

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Use HPT’s Dehumidifier Heat Pipe systems at your educational facility and save thousands each year in energy costs.
Our case studies show that HPT’s wrap-around passive dehumidification systems can save the average facility tens of thousands of dollars annually in energy costs. For more than 30 years, our Berkshire Hathaway company has installed our solutions around the globe. Our projects range from fan coil units to over 200 ton commercial/industrial applications. What’s more, HPT’s wrap- around systems have no moving parts, and are maintenance free!
HPT’s solutions offer:

  • Free precool and reheat
  • Increases latent capacity without additional external energy
  • Dehumidified air for ductwork and space help comply with ASHRAE 62.1
  • Potential downsizing of entire HVAC systems
  • Lower relative humidity and improved IAQ
  • Full or partial heat pipe controllability

As an owner, manager, or a design engineer of a building that serves the educational sector, your top priority is maintaining a comfortable, safe and effective indoor environment that’s conducive to learning .  Dehumidifier heat pipes in the air conditioning system provide the most economical means to maintain superior indoor air quality, while providing a good return on investment. With paybacks of under three years in most cases, dehumidifier heat pipes are superior to the more expensive, maintenance intensive desiccant systems. Heat pipes are certainly far more effective and economical than overcooling and reheating.


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