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Erickson Install HPT’s Dehumidification System at Retirement Community, Dehumidification

Erickson Installs HPT’s Dehumidification System at Retirement Community


For its multi-story senior living buildings, Erickson, who operates many retirement communities in the Baltimore area, had air handling units with 50% outside air make up. With the high humidity conditions during the summer months, reheat had to be used to control humidity. With HPT’s wrap-around heat pipes, reheat is turned off, saving a tremendous amount of money. There were precool savings as well. With 6 floors per building, each with its own air handling unit, the projected savings were $14,000 per year per building.

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University of South Florida – Dehumidifier Heat Pipe Case


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High Rise Condo Avoids High Energy Costs, Dehumidification

High-Rise Condo Avoids High Energy Costs


As one of the tallest buildings west of the Mississippi, it was decided that outside air to the occupants would be provided through 4 dedicated outside air units (DOAS). Moreover, it was decided that supply air be provided at neutral conditions so overcooling is avoided. HPT’s wrap-around heat pipes were used to provide the necessary reheat with the added benefit of precooling. Total annual savings of the four systems were estimated at $120,000.

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