HPT SelectPlus™ Design Software

A direct Pipeline to savings


Access cloud-based software from anywhere, anytime.
Generate performance reports, psychrometrics and dimensional drawings.
Calculate accurate savings predictions thanks to flexible hours of operation input.

For access HPT SelectPlus™, please visit www.heatpipeselect.com

User Step-by-step Tutorials

  • New HRM-O Addition and Selection
  • New HRM-Z Addition and Selection
  • DHP Selection Tutorial Part 1: How to creat a new DHP project
  • DHP Selection Tutorial Part 2: DHP Selection and Calculation
  • DHP Selection Tutorial Part 3: DHP Psychrometric Chart and Economic Analysis
  • DHP Selection Tutorial Part 4: DHP Savins Analysis and Selection Report
  • How to Add Users to Your Project
  • Customize Flange Dimensions for DHP-U Frame
  • Exporting Project Schedule
  • Outputting Project Reports & Submittals
  • Copying Selections in Your Project
  • Design a Controllable Wrap Around Heat Pipe
  • Design Strategy - DOAS Unit Neutral Air
  • Dehumidification Heat Pipe (DHP) Economic Analysis