Heat Pipe for Healthcare


Tampa, Florida Hospital OR & IR Additions


When a major hospital in Tampa, FL began planning new OR & IR additions to their main facility, they sought to implement the latest technologies to allow accurate control at lower than usual dew points. HPT offered a solution of the controllable wrap-around heat pipe that wraps around the air handler’s cooling coil. Using a phase change, the wrap-around will precool the air before entering the cooling coil and reheat the air leaving the cooling coil. Download this case study to learn more about how two wrap-around heat pipes at 36,000 CFM reduced the cooling load by nearly 20%!

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Minnesota Hospital

Energy Recovery

With hospitals running 24/7/365, there is a major opportunity available for energy recovery and tremendous savings. One key byproduct of energy recovery that must be avoided in hospitals is contamination of supply air with exhaust air. HPT offers the most reliable form of energy recovery without the threat of cross-contamination. Our side by side energy recovery heat pipes (HRM™s) capture energy from the exhaust air stream and transfers it to the supply air stream through a refrigerant phase change. Download this case study to learn more about how this single energy recovery heat pipe saved the hospital an estimated $12,000 annually!

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