Case Study: Innovation Facility

The Opportunity

An innovation facility was being constructed in a cluster of R&D related buildings outside of Philadelphia. This cluster has world leading organizations as tenants. Heat Pipe Technology has several systems including multiple SMART Water-Glycol systems in several buildings in this cluster. In this highlighted case study, an innovation facility with nearly 200,000 CFM exhaust was being constructed. Four exhaust units in two phases (3 units in phase 1 and the 4th unit in phase 2) and four similarly sized supply units were part of the design. With the integration of future units, the requirements for top-of-the-line performance, the location requirements for the skid and the quick lead time requirements of the building’s tenant, this project posed a challenge to the project engineers.


The Solution

Heat Pipe Technology’s SMART Water-Glycol system was selected for this project. Both phase 1 and phase 2 of this project are now in operation.

The energy recovered from the 4 exhaust units at 66°F exhaust air pretreats the nearly 200,000 CFM of outside air in 4 supply air handling units for this building, saving over 6.5 million BTU/hr on the winter design day. Each air handling unit received 6 row coils broken into multiple sections for ease of installation.

With different AHU sizing and controls setpoint, this project demonstrates the flexibility of HPT’s SMART Water-Glycols design and controls. HPT was able to meet and exceed the customer’s lead time requirements demonstrating the robustness of our manufacturing all done out of Tampa, FL facility.


The Conclusion

With state-of-the art runaround glycol performance selection and industry-leading controls, the SMART Water Glycol system is the right solution for you. 

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