Snow Melt

In applications where you have Preheat and Reheat coils in conjunction with heat injection, you may also need to control the setpoint from both heat recovery coils, rather than just controlling it on the downstream heat recovery coil.

HPT incorporates the functionality of Snow Melt, which allows users to not only control the setpoint on the downstream reheat coil but also the setpoint of the upstream preheat coil. This additional functionality is used in winter heating applications and becomes useful when you require a setpoint from the upstream preheat coil to be higher than freezing. Controlling this setpoint allows you to mitigate the risk of freezing your chilled water coil in applications where you don’t utilize a water-glycol mixture. Snow Melt also allows the coils to be placed upstream of the filters to lower the humidity of incoming air before the filter, lowering the chances of bacterial growth on the upstream unit filters.

HPT provides a multitude of different row options to maximize the energy recovered while also minimizing the amount of heat needing to be injected into the SMART Water-Glycol System.

  • Fluid returning from the exhaust heat recovery coils goes through HPT Heat Injection Skid.
  • Fluid gets heated up by HPT Heat Injection Skid to the amount needed to meet HPT Coil 1 Setpoint while maintaining downstream HPT Coil 2 setpoint.
  • Fluid is managed by HPT Sensor Skid to ensure coil setpoints are adequately met.
  • Controls, Skids, and Coils are all provided by HPT.

With state-of-the-art runaround glycol performance selection and industry-leading controls, the SMART Water Glycol system is the right solution for you.  For quick turnaround solutions to your energy recovery needs, reach out to