Case Study: 17-Story Lab Building

The Opportunity

To meet the growing needs of the life sciences field in one of the country’s most innovative districts, work began on a new 17-story building with over 550,000 square feet of office and lab space. During the design
phase, engineers looked at the available options to utilize the building’s nearly 250,000 CFM of lab exhaust air to advance their energy savings objectives. With 7 lab exhaust air handling units in the building at varying
locations in the building, this posed a challenge for many energy recovery


The Solution

Heat Pipe Technology’s SMART Water-Glycol system allows up to 18 air handling units to be managed with one skid.
With best-in-class-performance and a one-stop solution for the entireproject’s energy recovery design and manufacturing, the SMART Water- Glycol system was selected for this project. The energy recovered from the
7 exhaust units was used to pretreat over 200,000 CFM of outside air in 5 supply air handling units for this building, saving over 8 million BTU/hr on the winter design day.
Each air handling unit received HPT’s 6 row coils broken into multiple sections for ease of installation. With our SMART Water-Glycols controls, intuitive touchscreen control panel and integration with the Building Automation System (BAS) via BACnet, the system was designed to optimize performance year-round.


The Conclusion

With state-of-the art runaround glycol performance selection and industry-leading controls, the SMART Water Glycol system is the right solution for you. 

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