Heat Pipe Technology, Inc.


Heat Pipe Technology, Inc. (HPT) was founded in 1983. With funding from private investors, and a grant from the Department of Energy. HPT began research on a new use for heat pipes, a passive heat transfer device previously used in many various applications ranging from orbiting satellites to the Alaskan Pipeline ground spikes.  By applying heat pipes to standard air conditioning coil systems, the dehumidification performance and efficiency was greatly enhanced, with no increase in energy use.

Projects to follow proved the technology could be applied on any scale, while being commercially viable and practical to implement.  While humidity control became a widely recognized requirement for indoor air quality in all modern buildings, heat pipes were proving to be one of the most cost effective and efficient methods of dehumidification in the world.

With a staff of talented mechanical engineers and a specialized team of installation experts, HPT began installing patented HPT Dehumidifier Heat Pipes at thousands of locations around the world. The client list grew to include many high profile locations such as Walt Disney World, The Kennedy Space Center and the Salvador Dali Museum, as well as data centers, numerous restaurant chains, premier hotels, and many prestigious universities. Applications have ranged from 2 to 500 ton systems.

Today, HPT manufactures heat pipes for dehumidification and energy recovery for many diverse HVAC applications in addition to the custom and retrofit designs.

As of January 2017, HPT is represented worldwide by 56 independent representatives in over 100 locations, (many representatives have multiple offices). Call for the name of a representative in your area: (813) 470-4250, or log on to our website at www.heatpipe.com.